Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Haze hung in the Bronx this morning. It was barely noticeable to some, but it weighted heavily on the guys gathered around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart.

“That was a rough game last night,” someone said.

“It was a tough loss,” someone else shot.

Everyone nodded and the haze settled in.

Javier from Walton Avenue walked up and ordered his coffee.

“A regular with two sugars, please.”

He turned and peeled the lid off his paper cup and did his best Mariano Rivera impression.

“That’s baseball,” Javier said with a shrug. “You can’t get down about it. We have to come back and get ‘em tonight.”

The haze started to lift.

“A win would clear this up,” someone said.

They all nodded.


Henry said...

A win would be nice. Actually, it would be really, really nice. I might even dance a jig…

Ron W. said...

Hey, I’ll join you in that jig.