Monday, May 5, 2008


One morning: The air was cool and damp, but everyone could feel the promise.

One afternoon: Darrell Rasner stepped out of the dugout and into the sun almost a year after a hard-hit grounder broke his finger and ended his season.

One pitch: Adrian Beltre smacked a two-run homer to give the Mariners a first-inning lead.

One comeback: Rasner retired seven of the next eight hitters and waited for his team to score.

One inning: Everything unfolded neatly in the bottom of the third and opened up the game. Johnny Damon led off with a single and Derek Jeter sent him to third with another single. Bobby Abreu scored Damon with a base hit and Hideki Matsui drove in Jeter with a double. Then Jason Giambi pushed across Abreu with a deep drive to left. Melky Cabrera cleaned up the bases with a two run homer and Robinson Cano polished it off with a homer of his own.

One strikeout: Rasner threw a fastball under Jeff Clement’s hands in the fourth with a runner on third and one out. That big swing and miss made the big inning stand and was the key to a big win.

One catch: A sixth-inning double died in Damon’s glove.

One ending: Mariano Rivera stood on the mound and caught a lazy pop fly.

One evening: The air turned back cool, but the promise remained.

One day off: They are nice after a win and even better after three in a row.

One more game: Andy Pettitte starts on Tuesday and the Bronx always rests easily with the thought of the big lefty taking the ball.


Donna said...

Yesterday’s game was great on so many levels. I hope it was the start of everything that is going to go right this year.

Ron W. said...

I couldn’t agree more. It was a great game all the way around.