Friday, May 2, 2008

Deal Maker

Jon had finished reading his newspaper by the time the 2 train cut under the Harlem River into Manhattan. He folded and tucked it neatly under his arm before laying out the deal.

“I’ll give anything for a win,” he said.

“Anything?” someone asked. “You would offer anything for just one win?”

“Why not?” Jon offered. “The players lay it all out there every day. They are beat up and frustrated, but they’re playing hard.

“They are showing the determination that I expect,” Jon continued. “I owe them the same in return.”

“You’re right,” someone admitted. “Everyone should give what they expect.”

“So it’s a deal?” Jon asked.

“It’s a deal,” someone agreed.

Jon smiled.

“I’m in the bleachers tonight,” he said. “Let’s help ‘em get a win.”


Olivia said...

I like that thought. I wish more people felt this way.

JoeyBoy said...

That is a good deal and I will go ahead and make it as well.