Monday, May 26, 2008

The Little Things

Johnny Damon stated the obvious after yesterday’s win.

“Alex Rodriguez is the greatest player on the planet,” he told reporters. “When you insert him at number four, he’s going to make a difference, just his presence. Just having that great bat in the lineup can make everybody better or at least look better.”

The Yankees looked great coming back with a four-run eighth inning to beat Seattle 6-5.

Rodriguez worked a walk in the middle of the inning and everyone else filled in around him. Derek Jeter led off with a walk and Bobby Abreu put together a nine-pitch at-bat against Arthur Rhodes that ended with a run-scoring double.

Hideki Matsui beat out a slow dribbler after Rodriguez’s walk and then tagged on Robinson Cano’s sacrifice fly that tied the game. Matsui was then able to score when Jose Molina drove a ball in the gap for a double.

“You have to do the little things,” Joe Girardi always says. “The little things lead to big things.”

They certainly do.


Henry said...

That was a big, big win. Let’s do it again today!

JoeyBoy said...

The Yankees need to get back to winning tonight.