Friday, May 30, 2008


Jon was searching for an old friend this morning. He looked up and down Ogden Avenue before cutting across West 162nd Street and down Woodycrest Avenue.

He crossed Jerome Avenue and walked between the old Yankee Stadium and the construction of the new Yankee Stadium. The sidewalks were jammed, but there wasn’t a friendly face.

The Crown Diner was full of strangers and so was Twin Donut. Ball Park Lanes was empty and Jon was out of time.

“I’ve gotta get to work,” he said before heading down the stairs to the subway near the centerfield bleachers. “I’ll look around later.”

Jon was trying to find some comfortable baseball talk on the morning after the Yankees had a day off in Minnesota.

“Life’s a little lonely without a game,” Jon admitted. “There wasn’t much to do last night and there isn’t much to talk about today.

“At least I know where to look tonight,” he reasoned. “Moose is taking the ball.”

Jon cracked a smile.



Henry said...

We need a good start from Moose so we can get back on a roll.

JoeyBoy said...

Baseball's Back!