Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Getting Started

Javier from Walton Avenue had his face buried in a book on the 2 train this morning.

“No newspaper?” someone asked.

“I’ve already read it,” Javier shot without even looking up.

“I woke up early and went down to Carl’s newsstand on 149th Street,” Javier explained. “I got the paper and went through everything – the quotes from the players and how Derek’s wrist is feeling – and then I tossed it in the trash.

“It’s yesterday’s news,” he continued. “It wasn’t good, but it’s just one game and it’s already in the past. It’s done, it’s finished, it’s over.”

Javier smiled and turned the page in his book.

“This season, however, is just getting started.”


Ron W. said...

Yes, just getting started is what I keep saying. Now, let’s really get it started tonight!

Pete said...

A win would be so nice.