Sunday, December 23, 2007

Always Open

The Bronx is always open for baseball.

Even on a cold and rainy day the guys huddled around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart were hungry for some news.

“What’s up?” asked Jose who lives over on Gerard Avenue. “I mean other than the price of tickets.”

Everyone laughed.

Then Javier from Walton Avenue fired.

“I read that Ron Guidry wants to help out in Spring Training,” he said. “I hope that happens because Gator has always been a team-first guy. He was a starter when it was best for the team and he went to the bullpen when that was best. Even after being replaced as the pitching coach he still wants what’s best for the team. You can’t have enough guys like that around.

“He is also excited about all the great young pitchers we have,” Javier continued, “but he said we need to give them some time.”

“How long until pitchers and catchers report?” Jose asked.

“Fifty-two days,” Javier said.

“I hope that’s enough time,” Jose said.



JoeyBoy said...

The baseball season is not coming fast enough for me.

Jessica Lee said...

The last couple of conversations are pretty funny.