Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Jolt

This was one winter Saturday morning that didn’t require a push out the door.

The day broke sunny and warm and the streets were packed. I felt like heading down River Avenue to see how ticket and T-shirt sales were going with Jose before walking to the players’ gate to talk with Henry and Javier.

And then nine innings when nothing else in the world matters.

Baseball gives the neighborhood focus and drive, but today we got a jolt from the weather.

It felt like a baseball afternoon in the Bronx. But it wasn’t.

Only 93 days to go.


JoeyBoy said...

I got a chance to get out and enjoy the weather so that made it a REALLY NICE DAY. I hope we get another one tomorrow.

Henry said...

Well, the great weather didn’t last too long.

sports fAnAtIc said...

can't wait. 92 days now. I have my pieces of paper labeled 97-1 hung on my wall. its down to 92. 92 is alot better than 97!