Friday, December 7, 2007

Behold The Power

The winter meetings move to the Crown Diner when it’s too cold to stand around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart.

“Behold the power of heat,” says Javier from Walton Avenue as he flops into a back booth.

“Isn’t it the power of cheese?” asks Jon from Highbridge.

“That depends on who’s bringing it,” Javier shoots.

“What about Joba?” Jon fires.

“That’s heat and cheese,” Javier says with a smile.

“Yeah,” Jon says. “Joba has it all. I bought a magazine today just because he’s on the cover. ESPN is saying he’s NEXT.”

“Joba is already here,” Javier says. “If he can carry his stuff into the rotation we’re all gonna have a lot of fun this summer.

“I heard he was signing autographs in Times Square and doing a radio show in Grand Central this week,” Javier continued. “That kid has the chance to be huge in this city.”

“Coffee for you guys?” the waitress asks.

“Yes,” Javier says, “and a grilled cheese.”

“Me, too.”


Donna said...

I could not pass up that magazine either. I am a sucker for anything on Joba.

Pete said...

It sounds like Joba is having a great winter!