Monday, December 24, 2007


New York is in a rage today. It seems that everyone is rushing somewhere to buy something or sell something or give something or get something.

People in the Bronx don’t get too wrapped up in all this because they have lived through more than a few rages.

“I’m just trying to survive,” Jon says as he slides into a back booth at the Crown Diner. “A double shift for a taxi driver on Christmas Eve is rough duty.

“I just picked up a lady on Fifth Avenue,” he continues. “I loaded all her packages in the trunk and drove her home. I unload everything and helped her doorman get it all in the building. Then she stiffs me. I said, ‘The heck with this, I’m gonna grab some lunch.’”

A waitress takes his order on the fly.

“Coffee and a BLT with crispy fries,” Jon says. “Then I’ll need coffee and a couple of chocolate donuts to go.”

There’s not much time.

“I’ve gotta make this quick because there is still money to be made,” Jon says. “Fifth Avenue just isn’t the best place for a guy like me to grab a buck.

“I think people with the most tip the worst,” Jon continues. “Poor people understand, but they ride the subway and the bus. I’ll just have to make do with the rich people because I need rent money and grocery money and baseball-ticket money.”

Back to the rage.


Henry said...

I just rode the uptown D train home from lower Manhattan and it was mobbed. Shoppers are everywhere!

JoeyBoy said...

I stayed in on Christmas Eve because I knew it would be crazy out there.