Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Promise Kept

Phil Hughes is still a Yankee. So is Melky Cabrera. Ian Kennedy is, too. Austin Jackson, who made it all the way to Scranton this year, stayed a Yankee as well. And Alan Horne – the Eastern League Pitcher of the Year – is also still a Yankee.

That’s good news in the Bronx.

“I’m glad we’re committed to the kids,” says Javier from Walton Avenue. “It’s exciting to think about adding a pitcher like Johan Santana, but that means giving something up.

“Hughes feels like one of my own children,” Javier continues. “I heard about him and read about him and then got to see his first steps in the big leagues. I want to watch him grow.”

There is a lot of promise in the neighborhood these days.

“It feels like the young guys are lining up at the door,” Javier says. “Hughes, Joba and Kennedy are here and there’s a new wave of talent coming behind them.

“You can’t have too many good young ballplayers,” he says. “I just hope they all get to stay Yankees.”


Donna said...

I love the kids. They are the most fun to cheer for.

sports fAnAtIc said...

yankees dont need any drama. I think all of the big names on the yankees kind of jinxed them in the playoffs..

Jessica Lee said...

Obviously,I don't know the future will be,but there is more fun to root for homegrown yankees,such as Pettitte,Jeter,Mo,Posada,Wang,Cano,
Melky,Hughes,Kennedy,Joba,Shelly.Can you image if coach staff choose Kennedy to pitch in the rotation over Mussina.We have a rotation consist of all homegrown pitcher.WoW!!