Monday, December 3, 2007

The Big Lefty

The word on the streets is that Andy Pettitte is back.

“The streets speak only the truth,” says Javier from Walton Avenue.

And so does the big lefty.

“He has said all along that he would retire or pitch for the Yankees,” Javier continues. “I’m just so happy that he decided to come back. This news sure did brighten up a Monday. I hope the rest of the week is this strong.”

Pettitte certainly strengthens the rotation.

“He’s such a tough competitor,” Javier says. “I love to watch him pitch because he always gives you everything he’s got. I’ve seen just about every start he’s ever made and it’s gonna be fun to watch a bunch more.”

Yeah, the big lefty is back.


Donna said...

Andy’s BACK! What a way to start the week.

Henry said...