Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day Game

A day game after a night game is tough on players, especially catchers. Jorge Posada will get a break this afternoon, but he’ll be there if the game is close and we need a big swing.

If Posada can be ready then there is no excuse for not blogging a little this morning.

Last night was another cold and drizzly one, but thankfully I had nine runs to keep me warm.

Two of them came off the bat of Alex Rodriguez. I sit behind the plate, but way, way up so I don’t hear much from the field. I heard that sixth-inning blast. Thwack. Wow, what a sound.

The legend of Phil Hughes continues to grow. Word of his six shutout innings and 10 strikeouts against Syracuse quickly filtered through the crowd around the players’ gate after the game.

“Do you think he’s coming up?” asked Jose.

“Soon, my friend. Baseball is a game of patience.”

“Maybe in a couple of weeks?”

“Yeah, maybe. Get some sleep. Day game tomorrow.”

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