Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Edge

I believe in the one-fan-one-vote system. I will cheer and study and defend my team until my last breath, but I realize my dedication means nothing in the grand scheme of the game. I can’t influence a pitch or a swing or even a catch no matter how strong my support. I barely have the clout to get a bag of peanuts thrown in my direction at Yankee Stadium.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I dug into my T-shirt drawer when Melky Cabrera started the season 2 for 21. I wore “Got Melky?” yesterday and he went 3 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored. He also made a great catch in the eighth inning.

I don’t honestly believe I had anything to do with his success, but I’m still not willing to remove my T-shirt. As Melky and the Yankees roll through this weekend and into the next home stand I will certainly be getting a bit ripe.

I may get some extra room on the train and will probably be able to clear a few counter seats in any coffee shop, but an edge is an edge.

1 comment:

J A F F E said...

i dig the edge.. we gotta have'em