Friday, April 6, 2007

Scoring At Home

I have one final note on Bud Selig’s salary for those scoring at home.

The Major League Baseball Commissioner, who can’t hit or throw a curveball, makes more than American League Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana. He also makes more than National League Cy Young Award winner Brandon Webb.

Selig makes $10 million more than the combined salaries of American League MVP Justin Morneau and National League MVP Ryan Howard.

Selig makes more than you and me and everyone else that sat in a frigid Yankee Stadium last night.

He makes a lot more than the people who couldn't even afford tickets to sit in the cold.


Mark Serio said...

Todd, I documented Selig's history on my blog
There is no justice in his compensation.

Todd Drew said...

Interesting piece on your blog. Thanks for the heads up.