Saturday, April 14, 2007

West Coast Baseball

West Coast baseball can be difficult and losses really hurt. They are especially painful when you battle into the 11th inning only to see it slip away.

You sit alone at 2:00 a.m. with the television flicking across a shadowy room. Moments before you were in the middle of a bases-loaded-one-out situation trying to push the game to the 12th inning.

Now, you slump in your chair as your team walks off the field.

Heads up. Everyone fought hard and just came up short. It happens. As Mariano Rivera says, “That’s baseball.”

You total your scorecard and listen to the post-game interviews before trying to sleep. Rest easy because tomorrow always offers more promise than today. Of course, it’s already tomorrow. No, it’s today and Rasner is ready. Pettitte goes tomorrow, I think.

That’s West Coast baseball in the Bronx.


Ben said...

Yesterday hurt.

After taking the lead with three sacrifice flies, to lose on a homer was painful.

I didn't watch the post-game interviews . . . .

Todd Drew said...

Yes, that’s probably as tough as they come in April. The team seemed very disappointed, but they will shake it off and be ready tomorrow night.

Ben said...

Pettite was definitely a bright spot after the shaky first, and Proctor looked dominant.

Todd Drew said...

Yeah, everything was good until the last pitch. But, hey, that’s baseball.