Thursday, April 12, 2007


The Yankees lost the game, but won the series in Minnesota. Mike Mussina left last night in the third inning with a hamstring strain.

That’s the bad and the good and the very bad. At least the very bad doesn’t sound all that bad.

“I don’t limp and I can still touch my toes,” Mussina said. “So it’s not bad.”

Good. Well, as good as bad can get. And I believe that makes everything okay.

It’s certainly not okay that guys keep going down with hamstring injuries. First is was Chien-Ming Wang and then Hideki Matsui and now Mussina.

I’m not a doctor or a trainer or even a player anymore, but I do have two unstrained hamstrings that aren’t doing much these days since I only run when I smell pizza. I would gladly loan them out if they would help the team because first and foremost I am a Yankee. And that is very good.


Ben said...

Todd, what do you make of all the chatter that these injuries are related to the new training staff? Damon basically came out and said as much in the NYT today.

Todd Drew said...

It sounds possible, but it could just be a coincidence, too. I suspect the beat reporters will have a lot more on this in the next few days.