Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Never Easy

Since Alex Rodriguez is doing everything else we’ll also look to him for perspective.

“The key is not getting discouraged,” he said after last night’s loss.

Someone then asked if the game seemed easy these days. Rodriguez laughed.

“Baseball is not easy.”

It never is. Not on either side of the ball. The starting rotation is struggling with injuries and that has dropped a lot of innings on the bullpen. Everyone is doing their best. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough, but if you keep going things will turn. Joe Torre clearly has this team ready to play because they are in every game.

They will be there again tonight. With Chien-Ming Wang on the mound they will be on the right side of the score. He is the perfect man to get things rolling.

There’s an old baseball rule that says you should never look past today’s game. It’s an old rule because it’s a good one, but it’s hard not to think about stinging some wins together with Andy Pettitte starting tomorrow and Phil Hughes on Thursday.

No one could get discouraged looking forward to that.

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