Friday, April 6, 2007


All you really need are a few good T-shirts to get you through a baseball summer. April is an entirely different matter.

I piled on five layers last night: A Derek Jeter T-shirt, a Yankee sweatshirt, a Yankee pullover fleece, a Yankee lightweight jacket and a Yankee hooded parka. I wore thermal underwear, heavy socks, boots and a hat.

I was still cold.

No one was making excuses for the errors and wild pitches and passed balls, but I don’t know how they played at all. It took me almost five minutes to get out of my seat after the game and I moved so slowly down the ramps that they nearly locked me in the Stadium.

It was a tough night to do anything. Playing good baseball was nearly impossible. Luis Vizcaino had difficulty gripping the ball. I had trouble just gripping my pencil and scorecard.

Tonight will be just as cold and it might even snow again, but Mike Mussina usually finds a way to get it done regardless of the weather. So load up the layers and head to the Bronx.

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