Friday, April 27, 2007

Here To Stay

It started in the rain and ended in the cold. Phil Hughes’ Major League debut had a bit of everything, but mostly it offered the promise of better days.

People were clamoring around the Yankee Stadium ticket windows after Wednesday’s rainout. Chuck from Walton Street was soaked, but happy. “I got to swap ‘em for the Hughes game. It’s going to be great.”

Although it may not have been great, the 20-year-old showed the stuff that has already made him a cult hero in the Bronx. His next start could be great or maybe it’s the one after that. It’s certainly coming. Even last night’s shivering stragglers could see that.

“I thought he was real good,” said Javier. “He got some tough hitters and some tough hitters got him, but he kept coming. He’s not scared.”

Fearlessness is the only requirement to play baseball in the Bronx. Hughes is here to stay.

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