Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Like sweat and pain, anonymity comes with the job. It really doesn’t matter that he spends half his life behind a mask. He wouldn’t get noticed anyway. It will always be about Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera or Hideki Matsui or Johnny Damon or maybe just another Alex Rodriguez rumor.

But Jorge Posada – the toughest ballplayer in the world – doesn’t seem to mind the background.

He came out of Yankee Stadium one day last year with his son. The crowd gathered around the players’ gate yelled: “Jorge!”

Jorge, the best catcher in baseball, gave his usual quick smile and wave and kept walking. Jorge, the 7-year-old son of the best catcher in baseball, stopped to face the crowd, flashed a toothy grin and waved both hands.

The crowd let out another: “Jorge!”

The best catcher in baseball spun around and laughed before pleading with his son to hurry. “We’re gonna be late for dinner...”

Up went another: “Jorge!”

The younger Posada kept waving as his father scooped him up.

It was just another day in the background for the best catcher in baseball.


Donna said...

You are right about the background. These crazy A-Rod rumors are pushing everything there.

Pete said...

The A-Rod story is stealing everyone’s thunder right now. It is too bad because bringing Jorge back is probably the biggest move of the winter no matter what.

Henry said...

Nice story.

Larry Jaffe said...

my dear friend todd, you are all about sweetness and innocence and i so mean that i such a complimentary way. you play the game the way it's supposed to be played.

your pal,