Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time To Fight

The Major League Baseball Players Association has been ducking high fastballs for years. They’ve signed consecutive Collective Bargaining Agreements that have significantly weakened the players’ position and Major League Baseball officials has been allowed to bully players and leak confidential medical tests and records to the media without much resistance.

I understand that Don Fehr and Gene Orza have done their best in an anti-labor climate. I know that unions need to pick their battles carefully in this society that is currently awash in conservative, Right Wing sentiment.

I also know when it’s time to stop politicking and start fighting. That time came when 30 general managers gathered in Orlando this past week and told each other their plans for the off-season and their team’s needs and what players might be available in trades.

There’s a clause in the collective bargaining agreement that says clubs shall not act in concert with other clubs and players shall not act in concert with other players.

The Orlando meeting – which featured every club acting in concert with every other club – was the grand slam of collusion.

Eventually it had to come to this because bullies don’t stop pushing until someone pushes back. It’s time for the Major League Baseball Players Association to make Bud Selig duck for a change.

Fastball, up and in.


Pete said...

It will be interesting to see if the Union is up for a fight. This is clearly one they can win. I’m not a lawyer and I could prove collusion. The GM’s actually bragged to the media about this meeting. Talk about arrogant.

SOXRULE said...

The only time you people in the Bronx did any labor was when welfare checks came in.
In case you ain’t heard… RED SOX RULE!!!

Donna said...

Another brilliant retort, SoxRule.

SOXRULE said...

I told you to stick your collusion up you black commie asses!!!
You better stay in the Bronx too because we got nooses!!!

Pete said...

You win Soxrule. You have done Boston proud. Now can we move on from all the ridiculous name calling? It’s more than a little creepy.

Donna said...

Well said, Pete. I just hope that SoxRule guy/gal doesn’t live anywhere near me.