Monday, November 5, 2007

What A Waste

Javier from Walton Avenue admitted some regret to the group gathered around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart this morning.

“I didn’t do anything special with my extra hour,” he said. “It feels like such a waste since there wasn’t even a ballgame.”

“They take that hour away in the spring,” someone said.

“They can have it back right now,” Javier laughed. “Why would anyone need an extra hour in November?”

“I heard that is saves energy,” someone said.

“How much energy do any of us use?” Javier shrugged. “The whole thing is probably just some scam that bunch of rich people cooked up.”

“Yeah,” someone said. “It’s probably like when our lights went out and the CEO of Con Ed gets a raise and a pat on the back from the Mayor.”

Javier shook his head and wrapped it up.

“What a waste.”

1 comment:

Pete said...

The whole thing is a waste and a joke. All the problems in this country and the government puts all this effort into studying “when is the best time to institute daylight savings time.” Like it’s going to save a whole bunch of energy.

Take a few more trips on Air Force One and keep tooling around in those SUV’s…