Friday, November 30, 2007

Point Of View

Javier steps out of his building and looks across a sunny Walton Avenue.

“It’s gonna be a great day, isn’t it?”

“That depends,” shot Marcus who is sitting on the steps reading the newspaper.

“Depends on what?” Javier asks.

“Your point of view,” Marcus says. “About fifteen guys have been by here and all of them are nervous about this trade business.

“Some say we need Johan Santana,” he continues. “Others say we can’t give up all the young players. One guy almost punched me when I mentioned that one of the papers said Hughes and Kennedy and Melky might go in this deal.”

“The tales are getting pretty tall,” Javier says. “People are focused on every scrap of news because there are no games to watch.

“Some of them are so desperate that they’ll believe anything,” Javier goes on. “Everyone just needs to relax and let Cashman do his job. He’ll put together a winner.”

“You’re pretty confident,” Marcus says.

Javier smiles.

“It’s all in your point of view.”


Pete said...

It is too easy for people to access these rumors. In the old days you basically just had the paper to follow this stuff. Now it’s all trade news all the time on the Web. It can drive you crazy.

Donna said...

That Javier guy has the right attitude. Things will work out just fine.

SOXRULE said...

Point you jerks back to Mexico “JAVIER!!!” This is the USA!!! illegals NOT welcome!!!

Henry said...

Great, the rightwing, racist, homophobic, person from Boston is back. How lucky are we?

SOXRULE said...

Dam right lucky!!! And the point off view is RED SOX RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry said...

Is that you, Bill O'Reilly?

sports fAnAtIc said...

maybe hughes or kennedy, but def. not both and def. not melky. moose joba ian and hughes is not bad