Thursday, November 8, 2007


There are plenty of questions in the Bronx.

“Questions are fine,” says Javier. “It means we are moving forward with building a better baseball team.”

Not everyone in the group gathered along Gerard Avenue agrees.

“We gotta start signing some players,” someone shoots. “What’s going on with Mariano and Posada? And now we have to wait on Pettitte and we don’t know who’s playing third and we need to add some bullpen arms and, and…”

“Is that all you got?” Javier fires back.

Everyone laughs.

Javier continues.

“There wouldn’t be any questions if we had the same team as last year and that didn’t end well. I think it’s better to have questions because that means you’ll get answers.”

“I’d just like to hear a few,” someone says.



Pete said...

I won’t mind hearing a few answers myself.

Donna said...

Relax, Pete. The answers are coming. It’s not like anything has to be done now. Cashman will have a good team ready for 2008.