Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Most Deserving Player

Someday it will all be behind Alex Rodriguez: The MVPs and the home-run crowns and the game-winning hits and game-saving plays. Any rough spots will have been smoothed over by time and titles and he will be able to enjoy what it’s been like to be the greatest player in the only game that matters to this city.

Maybe then he can admire the view. Maybe.

It’s still about doing the job for now.

“I have some unfinished business in New York,” he recently told reporters.

There is always unfinished business with Rodriguez. That’s really the only way to explain his dedication.

“Nobody works harder than Alex,” Mariano Rivera once said. “Nobody.”

The awards haven’t changed that. Neither have the huge contracts. You get the feeling that a World Series wouldn’t change it either. It will always be about the next World Series for him.

That kind of drive makes a great baseball player, but it’s not an easy life. I hope Rodriguez can clear those expectations someday and enjoy his work.

Nobody deserves that more. Nobody.


Donna said...

Nice. I am always hopeful for A-Rod.

Pete said...

Hopeful for what? You can’t possibly be asking for more from him on the field.

Donna said...

No, Pete. I’m just saying that I hope he is happy.