Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Bronx Is Ready

A bar napkin doesn’t make a great scorecard, but that’s the best Eduardo could do today.

“It’s a mess,” he admitted, “but it’s my first game of the year.”

The Bronx was watching real baseball – although just on television – for the first time in a long time.

“I know they’ve played a couple of games,” Eduardo said. “This is just the first one I get to see.”

Eduardo was settled in his seat at the end of the bar at Ball Park Lanes on River Avenue. The Sunday papers had been read and laid in a heap, but The New York Times Sports Magazine PLAY – with its feature on Hank and Hal Steinbrenner – was tucked in his back pocket.

“I’m saving it for later,” Eduardo explained. “There wasn’t enough time to finish the story before the game. I’ve heard about it and I love how Hank and Hal are helping their father with the team so I want the chance to soak it all in.”

It was a good day to soak in the Yankees, too.

“This team is so much fun,” Eduardo said. “I just love to watch ‘em.”

He watched them turn a double play behind Andy Pettitte: 6-4-3.

He watched Jason Giambi blast a three-run homer into the bleachers: HR 3RBI.

He watched Melky Cabrera track down a drive to centerfield: F-8*.

He watched the game end in a tie: 7-7.

“It was great,” Eduardo said with a smile. “Spring Training isn’t always about winning and losing. It’s about getting ready for the season.”

The Bronx is ready.


Henry said...

Yes, we are ready indeed. I can’t wait for this season.

JoeyBoy said...

I am always excited about the baseball season, but this year I am even more excited than usual. This team is capable of great things.

Jessica Lee said...

I always support Yankees no matter what will happen