Monday, March 24, 2008

One Thing

Jose from Gerard Avenue was only interested in talking about one thing on the 2 train this morning. He held up his index finger and smiled.

“One week,” he said. “That’s all we got left until Opening Day.”

He started counting weeks back in October.

“I tried counting days,” Jose explained. “It seemed too long to say 148 days or whatever so I worked out the weeks and started counting down: 19 weeks, 18 weeks, 17 weeks…

“I’ve been like a prisoner using the wall of my cell for a calendar,” he continued. “I’m scratching out the last of the hard time.”

Now it’s time to make plans.

“I know exactly what I’m gonna do on Opening Day,” Jose said. “I’ll get up early and grab a big Sunday-type breakfast: bacon and eggs and home fries and toast and coffee. When my belly is full I’ll watch the guys come in the players’ gate and then catch batting practice. After that it’s just about me and my team and getting a win.

“I realize that it’s unfair to expect so much from one day,” he admitted. “You’re bound to be disappointed, but that won’t last long because one day leads to the rest of the season and then it’s all about getting one win at a time.”

Jose smiled and held up his index finger again.

“Let’s go Yanks!”


JoeyBoy said...

I will second that.

“Let’s go Yanks!”

Donna said...

I wish I had tickets for Opening Day. My first game is that first Friday night. I bet it will be cold. I’m not complaining though.