Friday, March 28, 2008

Everybody’s Got One

The guys gathered around Juan Carlos’s coffee cart were talking about opinions on the last Friday before Opening Day.

“Everybody’s got one these days,” says Jon from Highbridge.

He digs around in his over-stuffed backpack and pulls out newspaper supplements and magazines and fat preview books that promise baseball insight.

“It’s written down,” Jon says. “So it must be true, right?”

Everyone laughs.

Jon tries to keep a straight face, but finally breaks down.

“I know what these people are all about,” he says. “I read all the opinions and scouting reports and take them for what they’re worth.”

“A good way to kill some time on the train,” someone shoots.

“Not just that,” Jon says. “I respect everyone’s opinion, but I’m only worried about my own.”

How the Bronx feels about its baseball team is all that really matters in this neighborhood.

“You can’t pour it onto a page or into a chart,” Jon explains. “It will never be that simple no matter how many so-called experts study the stats.

“The biggest thing they don’t understand is how guys like us look at things,” Jon continues. “It’s not only about the Pennant and the World Series like they all seem to think. We just come out every day to support our team. It’s really that simple. Those who spout opinions and make predictions will never get the game on our level.”

They all nod.


JoeyBoy said...

That sums it up perfectly, man.

Pete said...

Someone will surely come along and tell you that you are wrong. There are people who think they are qualified to others how to think and feel. They used to work for the KGB. Now they work for the CIA or WFAN or FOX or SI. They use the same tactics anyway.

Henry said...

You forgot ESPN, which is a reputed CIA front operation.

DisabledMess said...

Hey Todd. Great blog you have here. Let's exchange links. or

Todd Drew said...

I’ve got Yankees Daily right under Yankee Information. I visit every day. Keep up the good work.