Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Special Delivery

My tickets were delivered in a box. I always remember them being stuffed into a fat envelope, but this season required a bigger package.

It felt like my birthday as I ripped into the cardboard and quickly checked the spiral-bound book of tickets. Then I scanned the Fan Club brochure and read through the Ticket Information & Fan Guide.

There was some parking information that was passed over because I don’t know how to drive and an Amtrak schedule that went in the trash because I never leave New York City. There was also something about selling tickets on StubHub, but that’s useless since I haven’t missed a game in years.

I continued through pages about options and benefits and amenities before stumbling across my Identification card that includes a license number and seniority date.

That’s pretty heady stuff for someone who’s never been identified outside of a police lineup and has never been licensed to do anything.

I currently carry a MetroCard and a library card and a SABR card and an ACLU membership card. But being an officially-licensed, card-carrying Yankee with some seniority is quite an honor and a lot of responsibility.

“I’m proud to be part of this team,” I told the media gathered outside my building this evening. “I promise to do everything in my power to deliver a championship to the Bronx.”

Twelve days to go.



JoeyBoy said...

A box of tickets is pretty cool, man.

Donna said...

Being a Yankee is an honor and a lot of responsibility. I expect you to do your part and that means being LOUD.

Todd Drew said...

I am plenty loud. My wife once tried to move her seat to another section, but eventually she settled on earplugs. Let’s Go Yanks!

Henry said...

Earplugs! LOL!

Pete said...

So you are a loud one? I think I may have sat near you once.

Larry Jaffe said...

You are so cool my friend... I am visiting NY on the fourth through the ninth to see my folks. I hope to see you.

Todd Drew said...

I hope you are able to catch a game.