Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nice Ending

Sometimes you just have to get to the end. That is the best part of Spring Training for everyone. The regulars want to be healthy at the end and everyone else is playing baseball to the end.

Some guys are struggling to earn jobs and the rest are just kids trying to get noticed. They come in for the last few innings and maybe get one shot to hit.

They all made the most of it today.

Everyone who stayed for the finish got to see Bernie Castro from Washington Heights drive in a big run in the eighth inning and then get thrown out trying to tie the game on a single by Alberto Gonzalez.

Then they saw Kyle Anson hammer a ninth-inning double off the right-field wall pulling the Yankees to within one run. They also got to watch Anson score the game winner on Nick Green’s two-RBI single.

Three runs in the ninth. Yankees win 7-6.

Nice ending.


JoeyBoy said...

Hey, that was a great game to watch! The kids really pulled it out at the end.

Henry said...

Great game for the kids!