Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moving On

The New York Yankees and Joe Girardi put Miami behind them last night.

The Yankees hadn’t been there since the 2003 World Series. And, of course, everyone knows how that played out.

Girardi hadn’t been there since he was named the 2006 National League Manager of the Year after nearly leading the Florida Marlins to the postseason. And, of course, everyone knows how that played out.

“You just move on and learn from things that happen in your life,” Girardi explained recently. “I doesn’t really matter whether they’re good or bad. You have to keep learning all the time.”

The Yankees finished Spring Training with a win over the Marlins and headed home to a fresh baseball season in the Bronx. That’s what matters this morning.


Ron W. said...

This team has really come together well in the spring. This is as good as I have felt about the Yankees in years.

Henry said...

I’m with you, Ron. Now, let’s get the season started!