Saturday, March 8, 2008


The rain made it a good day to stay undercover in the Bronx.

But there was no cover in Tampa for Francisco Cervelli. He was drilled by a David Price fastball in the seventh inning and bowled over in a play at the plate by Elliot Johnson in the ninth inning.

Cervelli fractured his right wrist in the collision, but he quickly brushed off the incident.

“It’s part of the game,” he said.

Those are the words everyone expected from a tough guy like Cervelli.

Joe Girardi was not as forgiving.

“I think it’s uncalled for in Spring Training,” Girardi said. “You get people hurt. Now that’s what we’ve got; we’ve got Cervelli hurt. I’m all for playing hard, but I don’t think it’s the time when you run over a catcher in Spring Training.”

Those are the words everyone expected from the manager.

The Tampa Bay Rays should know what to expect from the Yankees when they meet again on Wednesday.

They should also know what to expect in the Bronx. April 4 is now circled on every calendar in the neighborhood.


Henry said...

Yeah, Tampa Bay ought to know what to expect after what they did today.

JoeyBoy said...

They know what’s coming alright. One would assume it will be a high fastball.

Ron W. said...

I don’t think anyone on Tampa Bay will want to be blocking the plate if Shelley Duncan is trying to score. Ouch.