Wednesday, August 8, 2007

756 In New York

People who don’t live in New York City can’t possibly understand this place. It is so different from the rest of the country that it should be its own country.

That’s why people on these streets view Barry Bonds so differently than most.

“I was really happy when he hit it,” said Carl from Highbridge. “I followed Hank Aaron to 755 and now Barry to 756. They are both great players and it’s been a disgrace the way so many people – especially the media and Bud Selig – have tried to play them against each other.

“That’s what they always do,” Carl continued. “Blacks against Whites. Blacks against Latinos. Blacks against Blacks. Everyone against ‘the terrorists’ and everyone against ‘the immigrants.’ It goes on and on and people keep buying it.

“The lies and witch-hunts they’ve been selling couldn’t stop Barry anymore than they could stop Hank. The same people shoveling the same garbage on the same men.

“They’re already trying to play A-Rod against Barry,” Carl went on “Things out there never change.”

He was reminded that something had changed.

“Yeah,” Carl smiled. “Barry Bonds is the Home Run King.”

And that’s something special on these streets.

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Donna said...

Nice balance to the rest of the Bonds coverage today. It’s amazing how some people love him and some hate him. It does really matter where and who you are talking to. I think many polls have said this is very clearly divided on racial lines.