Monday, August 6, 2007

A Bronx Ripple

This country has seen two presidential elections stolen and no one has made a sound. Billionaires are becoming multi-billionaires off a war that continues to kill Americans by the thousands and Iraqis and Afghans by the hundreds of thousands and no one gets too upset. Bridges fall down, the lights go out, steam pipes blow up, the trains don’t run, there’s no money for school books or baseball equipment, politicians line their pockets and people just shrug their shoulders.

Yesterday, the Yankees brought a NASA astronaut on the field who is going up to work on the Space Station. They gave him a banner and some dirt from the pitchers’ mound to take with him. At least that sent a bit of a ripple through the neighborhood.

“Work on the Space Station?” Javier shot. “Who lives there? How about working on those parks we were promised? We can send people into space, but can’t build a bridge that doesn’t fall down.



Henry said...

Americans are a funny bunch. 300 million people that can be lead around by the nose. The ruling class had better hope we never figure it out.

Ben said...

Todd, well said, but Gil Scott Heron said it first:

(h/t Z)