Monday, August 6, 2007


Marc Fiore has never lived more than six blocks from Yankee Stadium. He could see the lights and hear the crowd from his bedroom when he was too young to go to the games. His first job delivering groceries bought him tickets and baseball cards and a thick scorebook that he used every day.

“I’ve always lived for the Yankees,” Fiore said.

He still makes about half the games, but his love of coaching is taking more of his time these days. “I never thought I get so hooked,” Fiore explained. “The kids take everything you teach them and use it. It’s amazing to see them grow.”

Yesterday, they all sat in the bleachers. “The kids are from the neighborhood,” Fiore said. “But some of them had never been inside Yankee Stadium.”

The day was full of home runs and peanuts and soda, but the coach was still working.

“There’s always something to teach the kids,” Fiore said. “I usually teach them how to play, but today I taught them how to be a fan.

“I told them that they would hear a lot of booing and yelling,” Fiore continued. “Some people think they know everything, but have never really played the game. I told them to remember how hard they work and how hard everything is. It’s no different in the Major Leagues.”

Well coached.

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Henry said...

We need more good baseball coaches in the country.