Friday, August 10, 2007

They Shoot Heroes Don’t They?

Alex Rodriguez has no chance. It doesn’t matter how well he plays or how hard he tries to please. This society will take him down just like it took down Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds and anyone else who dared to be too great.

This country is divided a million ways against itself, but nothing pulls people together like bringing down an easy target.

Rodriguez has always been that.

He came with a “can’t-miss” sign on his back. Strike one.

He has grown into the best player in the game. Strike two.

He is paid like it. Strike three.

Everything about Rodriguez is examined. How he walks and how he runs and what he says and how he says it. And certainly what everyone else says about him.

That’s the way we should examine the people responsible for starting wars and rigging elections and disabling subway systems and allowing levees to break and steam pipes to blow up and bridges to fall down.

But Americans never do that. We just zero in on the easy target and blast away.

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