Monday, August 20, 2007

Lost And Found

It’s easy to get lost in baseball. Every day is full of pitching forms and box scores and lineups and scorecards. Who’s in the bullpen and who can pinch hit? It’s wins and losses and standings and who’s pitching tomorrow.

But there are reminders that it’s not like that for everyone.

A boy chased his father down the ramp behind home plate at Yankee Stadium.

“When are they gonna have the Joba shirts?”

“Soon. We’ll get one when they’ve got ‘em.”

“And a picture for the wall, too?”

“We’ll get everything.”

“Joba’s really something isn’t he, Dad?”


Another boy pointed to a hat on a vendor’s cart and his father nodded.

A few hours worth of wages were adjusted and wedged snugly on the boy’s head.

“How’s that fit?”

There was only a smile as they walked to the 4 train.

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Pete said...

It is nice to remember what is so important about baseball.