Thursday, August 2, 2007


They stood in the heat waiting for the 2 train.

“Pettitte was great last night,” Jon said. “I was worried when he kept putting men on base, but he’s got a way of wiggling out of trouble.”

“I thought it might blow up in the fifth,” Carlos said. “Two on and no outs and then the bases were loaded. Some people think he’s one pitch from getting knocked out, but he knows he’s one pitch from winning the fight.”

It’s always been like that with Andy Pettitte. He was a tough kid when he came up in 1995 and he’s even tougher now.

“Who do you want pitching a big game?” Jon asked.

“Andy Pettitte,” Carlos answered. “But I’ll take Roger Clemens today.”

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Ross said...

Actually, right now I would take Wang in a big game. Pettite's had some shaky outings lately and seems to give up a lot of hits in each of his starts. His WHIP is above 1.40. Not very good.