Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Everyone is with Mike Mussina.

“I certainly know how he feels,” said Jon from Highbridge. “When things start going badly they seem to keep going badly and then you start expecting them to go badly.”

After his last start, Mussina said:

“When I release the ball I don’t feel that anything good is going to happen.”

“That makes two of us,” Jon said. “I don’t mean that as a knock on Moose. Sometimes it’s just not working so you try something different.”

Mussina will not make his next start.

“I’m mixed about that,” Jon said. “Moose has won so many big games for us, but I think some time off will help clear his head and get him back on track.

“I’ll admit that I’m excited to see Ian Kennedy,” he continued. “I’ve heard that the kid is poised and polished and has all the weapons to handle big-league hitters. I remember someone saying that he reminds them of a young Mike Mussina.

“Fitting, I guess.”

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Henry said...

I am sorry for Mussina, but pumped up about Kennedy.