Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Win Tonight

Marc’s stare cut across the 2 train.

“I’m coming off a bad night,” he said. “I stayed up until the end. I don’t really like West Coast games and I hate West Coast losses. Now, I’ve got to try and make it through the day on three hours of sleep.”

He works for the Sanitation Department out of a West Village garage.

“It’s cold and rainy so it’s a bad day to be a garbage man,” he said. “I wish I had a win to help keep me warm and dry.”

The Yankees’ extra-inning loss weighed heavily, but a new day brought hope.

“I’ll get through the day and Moose (Mike Mussina) will give us a good start,” Marc said. “I can deal with the cold and the rain and three hours of sleep, but I’d like to get a win tonight.”


Donna said...

Yes. A win would be nice.

Henry said...


Ross said...

wow, marc was reaalllly wrong