Saturday, August 11, 2007


It started with the kids – Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain – and ended with the man – Mariano Rivera – but last night was really about the whole team.

Derek Jeter always says: “Everyone needs to contribute.”

That was certainly the story last night in Cleveland.

Johnny Damon: A hit and a run.
Derek Jeter: Three for four with a run and an RBI.
Bobby Abreu: A hit, a run and two RBIs.
Alex Rodriguez: He was on base four times but they only let him swing once and that produced his 37th home run and 110th RBI of the season.
Hideki Matsui: A hit, a run and an RBI.
Robinson Cano: Two hits.
Wilson Betemit: A sacrifice bunt that set up a run.
Jose Molina: A RBI.
Melky Cabrera: A hit and a run.

That’s the team they are and the team they need to be.

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Henry said...

Let’s hope they can keep it going tonight.