Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost Tomorrow

Javier was at the end of a lousy day. He stood outside the players’ gate at Yankee Stadium after last night’s loss still wearing the stain of bad beginning.

“Look at this,” Javier said pointing to a spot on his shirt. “That’s were my jelly donut exploded this morning. I started eating from the wrong end and paid the price.

“It was all downhill from there,” he continued. “Work was, well, work and my train was delayed and then we fell behind in the first inning and things got a whole lot worse before it was over.”

Javier shook his head.

“Tomorrow will be better,” he said. “It pretty much has to be.”

Javier looked at his watch.

“Heck,” he shot. “It’s almost tomorrow already.”


JoeyBoy said...

Let’s hope this tomorrow has better results.

Henry said...

Yes, better, please...