Friday, August 29, 2008

Pitching Philosopher

Mike Mussina fielded the question – the reoccurring one about the Yankees’ chances of making the postseason – with the same skill and quickness he did a liner to end the seventh inning.

“If we can go out and win one ballgame every day, then it doesn’t matter what our chances look like here with 29 to go,” Mussina said. “We have to go out and win that given day. You can’t look at it like we’ve got to win 10 out of 15 or 20 out of 25. You have to win one ballgame.”

Tonight it’s against Toronto.


Donna said...

Moose is always right on with his comments although I’m not sure he likes talking to the media all that much.

Ron W. said...

One day = One win. That math works. Now they just have to do it.