Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Time Is Now

There’s a little less than two months left in the season. That’s a little more than eight weeks. It’s exactly 52 games and the Yankees need every one of them.

“We know we have to go out and win games,” Johnny Damon told reporters after a 1-0 loss to the Angels. “We’ve got to play much better and we have to beat these good teams. We aren’t getting to the playoffs if we don’t.”

That means what it always means for the Yankees at this time of year: The postseason grind starts now and they need to find ways to win the type of game they lost last night.

“This was very frustrating,” Alex Rodriguez said. “Sidney threw an unbelievable game. Regardless of who’s pitching, we’re better than no runs.”

They are going to have to be.


Henry said...

They have to start winning, period. It does not matter who they are playing anymore. Sure, the Angels are a good team. The Yankees still have to beat them.

JoeyBoy said...

They know what they have to do. It will be fun watching them do it.