Monday, August 11, 2008

Come Out Swinging

Eyes were aimed down and the platform was silent as people waited for the 2 train. The cool air drifting though the Bronx this morning hadn’t made it three stories under the Grand Concourse.

“It’s a hot blast of reality,” shoots Javier from Walton Avenue. “It really hits about halfway down and you know the day ain’t gonna be as good as you’d hoped.”

There haven’t been too many good days in the Bronx lately.

“We’ve taken a beating,” Javier admits. “The Yankees need to win games and they just haven’t put it together.”

Each loss has been tougher than the last.

“Yesterday was the most frustrating,” Javier explains. “There were so many chances to win that game and we missed ‘em. That can’t happen anymore. The guys know what they need to do and they’ll come out swinging in Minnesota.”

Javier forces a smile and says:

“They have to come out swinging.”


Olivia said...

I still believe in the Yankees, however, the time to win is NOW!

JoeyBoy said...

That did not go well.

Henry said...

No it didn't.