Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dressed For Success

Mike Mussina walked out of Yankee Stadium wearing jeans, sneakers and a Captain America T-shirt. The crowd gathered near the players’ gate let loose when they spotted him.

“Mooooose,” they all bellowed. “Moooooooose. Mooooooooooooose.”

Mussina smiled and waved.

“That was a vintage performance by Mussina,” someone said. “The Yankees really need a win and he looked perfect for Old Timers’ Day.”

Mussina always dresses for the occasion.

When asked about wearing his socks high yesterday, Mussina said:

“It’s Old-Timers’ Day. Why not do it today?”

And why not go out and beat the team with the best record in baseball?

“We need to win ballgames,” Mussina told reporters after the Yankees 8-2 victory over the Angels. “These guys have always given us trouble. We looked like they were in it today, like everybody who put on the uniform thought it was an important game.”

The Yankees will put on their uniforms and hand the ball to Darrell Rasner for another important game today.


JoeyBoy said...

I like the high socks. I liked the win even more. Let’s get another one today.

Henry said...

Winning games is what it’s all about. Keep it rolling Ras!

JoeyBoy said...

Big win today. A VERY big win.

Jason said...

Great to see the Yankees come back and earn the split. As tough as the first two losses were to watch, the last two wins made up for them. The Angels committed rare mistakes on a day when, in a morning conversation with a good friend, I had said the Angels just don't beat themselves. They helped do so yesterday, so I'm glad to have been wrong--not for the first time.

Todd, I must say that your blog has pushed me to alter my site to include and discuss more social justice sites, blogs, and issues which have always been things I've assiduously followed, but have struggled to incorporate into a busy blog and life. Thanks for that. I have your fine blog linked at mine. If you wouldn't mind adding mine to your blogroll, I'd great appreciate it.

Todd Drew said...

I listed your blog. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll make sure and stop by regularly.