Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Best Moments

There is an old man who stops at Juan Carlos’s coffee cart every morning. He orders a regular with two sugars and announces that this is the best moment of his life.

The rest of the guys always laugh and the old man explains:

“I’ve survived 89 years,” he says. “There have been lots of great days, but this one feels like the best because I’m still here.”

The old man peels the lid off his cup, takes a sip and continues:

“Have I told you guys about Babe Ruth?” the old man always asks.

Everyone nods and lets him continue:

“I used to ride the train down to the Ansonia on Broadway and wait for Babe to come out. He would talk to all us kids and we’d race home to tell everyone what he said.

“I also saw him hit,” the old man likes to say. “He could really wallop ‘em.”

Someone always asks the old man about Alex Rodriguez.

“I was getting to him,” the old man snaps. “You made me skip over Gehrig and Joe D. and Whitey and Mickey and Munson and Gator and Reggie.

“You kids are always in such a hurry,” he tells the guys.

They all smile and the old man goes on:

“A-Rod is the best of all of them. He’s gonna hit a boatload of dingers and get a bunch of World Series rings.”

The old man always stops at this point. He takes a big gulp of coffee and then finishes up:

“I plan on seeing the dingers and all the World Series wins, too. Those will be the best moments of my life.”


Ron W. said...

Cool guy. I hope he gets to see all of it.

DMan said...

Great story, I hope we all see that soon.

Donna said...

I love this guy’s attitude. So much for the “crotchety old man.”

Olivia said...

I think the “crotchety old men” all work at Wal-Mart.

JoeyBoy said...

Great story, man. I loved it.