Monday, October 20, 2008


Derek Jeter brings hope to the Bronx.

The guys gathered at Juan Carlos’s coffee cart this morning went on about his style and his smile and his skip and The Flip. They talked about his determination and his talent and his heroics. But mostly they marveled at his loyalty and compassion.

“Derek is the absolute best,” said Javier from Walton Avenue. “He makes his teammates better players and he makes us better people. We all believe in ourselves and each other because of him.”

Everyone nodded and smiled.

This conversation came from the news that Jeter spent part of the weekend in Texas and went to a football game with Roger Clemens. There are some people who think Jeter should avoid Clemens like so many others do these days.

But that’s never been Jeter’s style.

When the whole world was down a Jason Giambi a few winters ago it was Jeter who traveled to Las Vegas to visit him.

Jeter never forgets his teammates and always stands up for his friends. He is the person we all want to be and the friend we all need.

“That’s why he’s The Captain,” Javier told the guys. “He’s the most special player any of us will ever see. He gives us hope even before he picks up a bat or a glove.”



Donna said...

I think you and the guys have said it all about Derek Jeter.

JoeyBoy said...

I suppose we need to find new ways to say how special Jeter is.

Olivia said...

I love Derek more than ever if that is even possible. OOXX

michael o. allen said...

Todd, you did it again. This is a fantastic post. When I heard the news about Joba, I immediately thought about Jeter. I thought about him not because he's ever been involved in anything like this but because I have hope for Joba with Jeter around. Jeter will talk to the kid in a compassionate way and straighten him out. There's only one captain, only one Jeter. Thanks, Todd.

Ron W. said...

I was just able to read this post. Thanks to The Captain for being such a standup guy.