Sunday, October 5, 2008

Through The Pain

A man grabbed my arm as I worked though a cup of coffee on Seventh Avenue this morning. He wanted to talk about pain.

“I saw the Cubs go down,” he said. “I hurt for Soriano and Piniella because they were Yankees. I hurt for Cubs fans and I don’t even know one. And I hurt for Chicago and I’ve never even been there.”

The man shook his head and tightened his grip.

“Losing hurts a lot more than winning doesn’t,” he said. “I felt good for Joe Torre and Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa, but that didn’t come close to covering how bad I felt for the Cubs.”

The man shrugged and loosened his hold.

“We’ve felt some pain around here lately,” he said. “So maybe this stuff hurts us more. Or maybe it just makes us want to win more than anything.”

The man nodded and smiled.

“Yeah,” he said. “That’s it.”


Donna said...

You have to feel for the Cubs and their fans. That was a tough one.

JoeyBoy said...

I do feel their pain. I feel our pain as well.